Today’s Learning Options

The objective we covered in the lesson today was being able to distinguish between formulae (for length, area and volume) by considering dimensions, which we immediately re-wrote into everyday language:

“If I gave you a strange formula, how would you know if it was for length, area, volume or none of these?”

A typical GCSE dimensional analysis question was on the IWB throughout the lesson, and the learning options were based on the Gregorc styles:

CS –┬áComplete a┬ácard sort activity, create a flow diagram

CR – Brainstorm all the formulae you know and investigate links / similarities between them

AS – Independent library work, research, note-taking, self-guided learning

AR – Produce a short play(!), record a commentary for the GCSE question, peer-group learning

By the end, once we’d come back together as a whole class and been able to solve the exam question, I could tell they’d enjoyed the lesson – is that enough? The proof of this particular pudding will be in next Monday’s lesson – I’ve given them advance warning that I will assess them on the first ‘unit’ of work then!